Bee Cave parkway Nears Completion

BEE CAVE Bee Cave Parkway nears completion After at least six years of planning and construction, Bee Cave Parkway’s grand opening has been pushed back another week so that the road painting and traffic light coordinating processes can be completed, said contract engineer Casey Sledge. “Right now, they’re doing the finishing touches,” Sledge said. Sledge said that they were working with Texas Department of Transportation to coordinate the traffic lights at the intersections where Bee Cave Parkway hits Texas 71 and RM 620, in addition to making some sign changes. “Before Bee Cave Parkway was built, you had this choke point between 620 and [Bee Cave Road] on 71,” City Administrator Frank Salvato said. “Now, people coming from the Lakeway area can go on Bee Cave Parkway instead of everyone coming down on 71.” Both Sledge and Salvato said they expect final adjustments to the road to go off without a hitch, and for the opening ceremony to take place Nov. 13. — Rachel Rice, Lake Travis View LAKEWAY

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  1. Bruce says:

    This is a real breakthrough for traffic in Bee Cave! Should reduce a lot of the jams at the 71/620 intersection. Too bad the Parkway doesn’t run under (or over) 620, though — the light is a real pain.

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