Short term rental Regulations to be discussed at City Council

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City Council to Discuss Adopting New Short Term Rental Regulations
At their regular meeting on July 18th, the City Council will discuss the possibility of adopting regulations that would require property owners to obtain a license for the short term rental of residential property (less than four weeks). These licenses would include conditions intended to ensure the compatibility of the rental property with neighboring residences. Short Term Rentals Summary

If you’re interested in this subject, we encourage you to review the following documents:
(1) Short Term Rental License – the ordinance establishing the licensing requirement;
(2) Zoning Ordinance Amendment – the ordinance amending our zoning regulations to allow the use in residential districts;
(3) Fee Schedule Rentals – the ordinance amending the fee schedule to cover costs associated with the licensing;
and to attend the hearing on the 18th.

Questions regarding these proposed ordinances should be directed to Shannon Burke, Director of Building and Development Services, at 314-7542 or

2 Responses to “Short term rental Regulations to be discussed at City Council”

  1. Dave Velasco says:

    Rental regulations are among the most rampant issues in the real estate market today – especially in Texas. Even this post was pertaining to the old regulation, currently they should still discussed more about it since Texas right now is having a bit slow movement in their market – probably among the reasons are this one.

    Texas MCE

  2. Ashley Dones says:

    This would actually benefit the house owners which is a good thing right? Is this license the same as the Texas Real Estate License that agents have? or is it totally different.

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